LAMH has become Heki

Founded in 1989, the growing LAMH (Laboratoire de Machines Hydrauliques) has become Heki. This new name is a hybrid of “hydroelectricity” and “kinetic,” and symbolizes our desire to advance knowledge and produce clean energy.

This passion drives us because Heki is a leader in hydroelectric generation technology development. Our facilities are home to a multidisciplinary group that works with state-of-the-art tools. Our remarkable training program and close ties with the industry have established ourselves as an international leader in flow and structural dynamics in hydraulic turbines.

Innovation Center

About us

Heki is a Hydropower Innovation Centre focused on hydroelectricity and located at Université Laval. It has been specializing in hydraulic machine research since 1989


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Heki carries out transdisciplinary projects related to hydroelectric production

Heki's team

Heki has assembled a multidisciplinary research team dedicated to hydroelectric production. Our team comprises of professors, research professionals, and undergraduate and graduate students.


Our laboratory is now equipped with a transient flow meter

Heki research professionals Anthony Munoz and Maxime Coulaud recently completed the installation of a brand-new transient flow meter on...

First model tests by Benoit Dussault

A brand-new measurement campaign is being launched by Benoit Dussault, a doctoral student at the Heki Center under the...

New publication by Jean-David Buron

As part of his doctoral project, Jean-David Buron publishes a second article in Physics of Fluids. Titled 'Exploration of...

New publication by Janika Bourgeois

Congratulations to Janika Bourgeois, master's student at the Heki Center, who published an article entitled "Investigations of spoilers to...

Heki at the 2023 International Congress of the CSME

From May 28 to 31, members of the Heki team participated in the symposium on hydraulic machines as part...

Heki is organizing a symposium

The HEKI research team is organizing a Symposium on Hydraulic Turbines at the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering (CSME)...

First Tr-FRANCIS Workshop

On November 3 and 4, the Heki Hydropower innovation center held its first Tr-FRANCIS workshop on the Université Laval...

Research Day

Three of our students, Janika Bourgeois, Niki Molana and Justine Savard, participated on October 7 at the Research Day...