Heki has a test platform designed to perform detailed high-quality studies for developing hydraulic turbines

Platform Characteristics

The hydraulic turbine test platform occupies an area of 350 m2 on three floors. The lower floor is occupied by the main supply tank built in waterproof concrete; it has a capacity of 270 m³. The test stand is set up on the other two floors.

Test Stand Operation

The test stand can operate in open or closed circuit configurations and can be adapted to different reaction turbines (Francis, Kaplan or bulb) with diameters ranging from twenty-five to fifty centimetres. Its maximal capacities are :

Flow rate (Q) < 1m3/s
Water head (H) < 50m
Turbine rotation speed < 2 000 tr/min
Supplied power (P) < 225 kW

Water is delivered to the turbine through a semi-axial pump driven by a 260-kW variable speed motor. In a closed loop, water in the circuit is maintained at a constant temperature by heat exchangers that use water cooled by Université Laval chilled water plant (CERSO). A vacuum pump depressurizes the downstream tank to control cavitation in the turbine.