Preparation of Niki Molana’s experimental campaign

In the coming weeks, Niki Molana will begin the measurements as part of her doctoral research project about hydraulic turbine start-ups. Using the laboratory’s time-resolved PIV system, she will study the flow dynamics under the Tr-Francis turbine runner during start-ups in homology with the prototype of the Jean-Lesage power plant.

Niki is currently instrumenting the turbine in preparation for her measurements with the help of Araz R., who is also a doctoral student at the Heki Research Center. This part of the experimental campaign includes the precise positioning of a target in the conical diffuser of the model. Taking images of this target with two cameras in a stereoscopic configuration will allow their calibration.

In the picture accompanying this news, we see the two doctoral students under the spiral casing of the turbine as they align the laser sheet used to illuminate the flow during measurements.

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